PDS Electronics POS Systems Limassol is a company with huge dynamism, reliability and always focused on perfect customer service offers solutions for small, medium and large businesses in the field of POS Hospitality and POS Retail / Wholesale industries, beginning from a simple Point of Sale, POS, up to central management for Franchises, either it is a new or existing businesses.

PDS POS Systems specializes in 3 areas

Our POS vision

POS. What has always inspired us, is the evolution and various demands of the market of POS and how a business can follow this development and always be one step ahead of it. Therefore, we provide excellent high-tech products POS, always part of the ideal solution to any type of business shop having in mind after-sales service in terms of POS software development, evolution and technical support of POS.

PDS Electronics POS Systems

PDS Electronics POS Systems supports all kinds of POS Hospitality, POS Retail / Wholesale industries, such as Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Fast food, Deliveries etc. as well as business such as Supermarkets POS machines, Kiosk POS machines, Fruit market POS machines, Fashion stores POS machines (boutiques or shoe stores), Chain Stores POS machines, Meat Markets POS machines etc.

Because of our experience and our well-trained staff in the section of POS, IT, automation, business and cash flow technologies, we can offer multiple solutions through automated sales systems for your own Point of sale POS.

Based on our experience of POS Systems, POS Machines, businesses benefits suggestions for VAT, correct billing and operating tips to make your business work in perfect conditions and more efficiently.

For us, the people of PDS Electronics POS Systems, effective communication with each customer is valuable, each installation is different and with unique features for each business. Even more important for us, it is our experience with each individual client, to work together, to resolve any future issues that may arise and to provide solutions that will prevent any future problems.

Next goals are to further enhance our customer support, with new POS methods, new similar products – POS machines, optimization of in-house processes and a full autonomy of the company!