Project Description

Taking Wireless Order-Ring from the table

Faster and intuitive, it allows instantly and reliably to send automatically the orders from the tables, optimizing the work in terraces and restaurants.

Wireless orderring is a software with an unbeatable graphic resolution with which the waiter takes note of the order on the table and sends it instantly to the printers and/or screens of the different elaboration areas, kitchen (hot, cold, grilled…), cellar, and to the POS to register the sale. The solution, installable in any Android 4.0 device or higher, is adapted to the resolution of any smartphone or tablet.


Offer a faster service to your clients!

Main features of Wireless Order-Ring

  1. Order taking on less time. The orders of the waiter will be created faster with the touch screen than writing
  2. Reduce the service time. The orders are send real-time to the elaboration zones
  3. Avoids mistakes. Everything the customer oders, is prepared and served. Words mistakes and unnecessary displacements are eliminated
  4. All what is ordered is charged. The orders are always registered on the POS
  5. Increase the sales. By reducing the waiting time, a higher consumption gets promoted
  6. Increases the table rotation. Is powered the speed of work, being able to rotate the tables more times

Advantages of Wireless Order-Ring

  1. Same screen. We use the same screen as your POS System, so you don’t need additional training!
  2. Intuitive and easy handling. It is eliminated the need of using pointer
  3. Total control. The waiter can distinguish between first course, seconds, desserts… or change the order of them. Also, is able to consult the pending sales before the sending, avoiding errors
  4. Increases the consumption of the customers. If the drinks are selected on the Wireless Order-Ring and the order is sent, this will be served while taking note of the courses, so when the customers start eating they may order another drink
  5. Without need of formation. The waiter use the same buttons used on POS System
  6. Modifiers. When associating modifiers (raw, with cheese, without salt…) to the items ordered by the client, the waiter doesn’t have to remember nor write anything

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