Project Description

Manage your Retail – Wholesale Store

Manage your Supermarket, Kiosk, Fruit market, Cava’s or Bakery with our POS Software. Scalable and adapted to each business type and size. PDS POS System products and software cover all business requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of the establishments.



Manage sales by barcode

Manage sales and collections by user with our POS software. Administrate items by size and color, read barcodes, search your products by description, department, brand, season … Check the availability of an item. Manage orders from the clients. Totalize a sale and settle different payment types, one part in cash and the other one in credit card.

Complete shelves repositioning through mobile devices

Manage items by references, batch numbers and bar codes generated by external balances. Read item barcodes to complete the piking and the classification of goods to replace the shelves quickly and efficiently.

Create labels

Create customer data sheets and manage reservations as well as loans. Administrate item arrangements knowing the status of it at any time (arranged, pending to collect…)

Create and print labels as well as barcodes

Create and print item labels. Configure different printing designs and automate barcodes creation with our self-generation functionality.

Mix & Match management

Increase your income and build customers loyalty with point cards, discounts and vouchers. Offer your clients multitude of promotions that are applied directly without the intervention of the cashier. Special discounts by types of items, by days of the week, by time range. 2 x 1 offers, when purchasing 2 items the 2nd has discount, 20% discount on items of a specific section, etc

In Hypermarkets, Patisseries / Delicacies:

  1. Connection with scales to sell items by weight.
  2. Interpretation of barcodes generated by scales in the perishable sections.
  3. Offers, promotions (3×2, second item at half price…) and Mix & Match.
  4. Cash withdrawal warning.
  5. Supervisor authorization to make certain functions: payments, price changes…

Touch Point of Sale POS System:

  1. Quick sale by scanning barcodes.
  2. Intuitive and easy to use thanks to its touch interface.
  3. Configurable document print-out (receipts, orders, delivery notes, invoices, budgets…) for any type of text printer or graphical printer.
  4. Employee attendance controlled by password, barcode, swipe card or fingerprint reader.
  5. Personalization of the visible options for each type of employee.
  6. Customized solutions specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of businesses

Cash Control

  1. Blocking and audit open cash drawer.
  2. Control safety deposit box balance.
  3. Daily Cash Closing with or without cash declaration.

Main advantages

Easy to use: Thanks to its visual and touch-based, it hardly requires training.

Reliable: With SQL Server, the data is always protected in moments of maximum workload and multiuser environments.

Secure: The users identify themselves through their fingerprint in order to gain access to the functions and the permissions.

Main advantages

Scalable: It can be adapted to the client’s dimensions, from a small restaurant to a chain with hundreds of outlets.

Profitable: It increases the sales rotation and helps to decrease the items and staff cost.

Redeemable: It uses the second screen to display advertisements, offers, and promotions

You may complete your needs with the following solutions: