Project Description

Manage your RESTAURANT

Adaptable to each business type and size. Our POS Systems, PDS products and devices cover Restaurants, Tavern, Pizzerias, Bar, Clubs, Cafeterias and all types of HOSPITALITY requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of establishments. PDS POS Systems, it is the solution that covers the whole industry of HOSPITALITY



Optimize sale process

Control the staff presence with fingerprint and audit all transactions by user, help employee to register the sale order proposing modifiers (extra cheese, no onion, etc…) formats (large, medium, small) customized by each product. Collect sales quickly in cash, credit card or voucher. Collect sales either is for dine in or take away with the same POS Software

Room and table occupancy management

Design different rooms of your establishment simply with different type of tables and bars. You may leave a sale on hold by table, by waiter or by client to be able to attend another table or sale. Administrate graphically both the table occupancy and the status. Manage the dishes to serve and print subtotals. Change, join and divide tables easily.

Manage orders in kitchen with Kitchen Screen or Kitchen printer

Speed up your customer service with kitchen screen or kitchen printer, to display all dishes to be prepared and served as well as the time lapsed from the request. Thanks to the different ways of visualizing orders you can manage the status of the dish with a screen or printer and organize the elaboration of the dishes in each area with a situation screen (cold dishes, grill …).

Create your Offers and Combos

With our POS System software you may create your offers and combos combining items from different sections and automatically increase the price of the combo with modifiers and sides when selling.

Develop manufacturing datasheet and recipe breakdown

Define each dish composition to manage costs and control the stock of raw materials. Define the sale price of each item according to the production cost.

Customer loyalty

Increase your income and loyal customers with different card types (prepaid, VIP, points) and propose them multitude of offers and promotions that are applied directly without employee intervention.

Show the menu at the entrance of your establishment with PDS e-menu

Display your menu with the PDS e-menu multi-language interactive e-menu. Reach new customers displaying the menu in different languages with photos and descriptions of the dishes, ingredient information, allergens, calories and sale prices.

Efficient stock control

Calculate consumptions of the elaborated dishes, formats, modifiers and items rotation by day of the week to calculate the sale forecasts.

Instantly know the replacement needs. Generate and send automatically purchase orders to your suppliers by email.

You may complete your needs with the following solutions: