Project Description

What is Stock Manager?

Stock Manager is a logistics management system that allows the management of purchases and sales, inventories, transfers and analysis of items through a mobile or tablet with Operating System Android.

By this way Stock Manager and POS Enterprise / Commercial management access to the same information on the purchase control, sales, stocks and consultation of items, being able to generate labels of the products received.

Manage and control all warehouse processes through mobile devices with Android Operating System thanks to Stock Manager


New mobile warehouse management system

Main advantages:

  1. Real-time communications with POS Enterprise / Commercial management
  2. Possibility to work offline
  3. Logistic operations customized by user
  4. Possibility to do multiple operations at the same time
  5. Reading barcodes of items by Scanner and Camera

Other features of Stock Manager:

  • Enable the creation of documents by Mappings
  • Utilization of the actual technology
  • Continuous development, being a program on constantly updating
  • Data resistance

Complete StockManager software with the Unitech PDA

  1. 2Ghz Quad-Core Processor with Android 5.1 OS
  2. 2d Imager, HF / NFC
  3. 8MB camera
  4. 3G / 4G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth connections
  5. Rugged: fall resistance of 1.65 meters
  6. 5“ capacitive touch screen HD

You may complete your needs with the following solutions: