Project Description

Manage your Fashion store

Manage your Fashion establishment with our specialized POS System for fashion. Scalable and adapted to each business type and size, PDS Electronics products and devices cover all business requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of the establishments.



Manage sales by barcode

Manage sales and collections by user with our POS software. Administrate items by size and color, read barcodes, search your products by description, department, brand, season … Check the availability of an item. Manage reservations and orders from the clients. Totalize a sale and settle different payment types; one part in cash and the other one in credit card.

Control customer reservations and clothes arrangements

Create customer data sheets and manage reservations as well as loans. Administrate item arrangements knowing the status of it at any time (arranged, pending to collect…)

Manage effectively pending collections

Manage customer’s risk, pending payments and collections as well as advanced payments, arrangements and purchase orders.

Create and print labels as well as barcodes

Create and print item labels. Configure different printing designs and automate barcodes creation with our self-generation functionality.

Customer loyalty

Manage several sale rates, build customers loyalty through Mix & Match promotions (10% discount on winter wear, 2×1 on shirts, etc.). Increase income offering to your customer’s different card types: gift cards, points

Several payment types by customer, track and analyze purchases to find preferences and purchasing habits, trends, etc.

Mix & Match management

Increase your income and build customers loyalty with point cards, discounts and vouchers. Offer your clients multitude of promotions that are applied directly without the intervention of the cashier. Special discounts by types of items, by days of the week, by time range. 2 x 1 offers, when purchasing 2 items the 2nd has discount, 20% discount on items of a specific section, etc

You may complete your needs with the following solutions: