Project Description

What is Analytics / Dashboard ?

A cloud-based business intelligence solution built to deliver the information you expect, data governance you require, and reporting you can trust from anywhere and any device at the reach of your fingertips thanks to their interactive KPIs, data tables and several types of charts.

With our Analytics / Dashboard you can retrieve, analyze and transform the information in order to take decisions in real time. Connected to POS Enterprise / Commercial Management, and to all POS Software, the information is shown quickly without waiting time.

Additional, our Business Intelligence systems offers the information at the same time the data is generated, without the need of previous ERP processes.


All your business information in Real Time 

Main features:

  1. Real time information from any device (Desktop and Smartphone versions).
  2. User-friendly: Information at the reach of your fingertips.
  3. Information presented graphically through data tables, charts and KPIs.
  4. Accurate and truthful information thanks to a unique data source.
  5. Scalable platform according to the business scope. Ideal for franchises and chains.
  6. Intended for business owners, executives and store chains.
  7. Preset sale dashboards, Cash counts, Loss prevention, Purchases, Accounting…
  8. Fully customizable.

Positives of:

  1. Cross platform and multi device application
  2. Works directly over any our database
  3. Save paying for what you use, monthly fee
  4. Retrieve the accurate and truthful information, with reliability
  5. Scale able to the business scope

You may complete your needs with the following solutions: