Basic features


  • Weight up to 30kg
  • Subdivision 5gr
  • Calculation of price
  • Memory for 1,700 species
  • 2 LCD screens
  • Tare Zero Reset
  • Power supply 12V / 500mA
  • Battery life 150 hours
  • Dimensions W33 x L38 x H14

Ishida BC 4000


With flexible functionality and combined with the quality and reliability of Ishida makes the BC-4000 series ideal for all wholesalers and supermarkets.

Basic features::

Keyboard: Column 170 direct keys + 27 numeric function keys

No column: 88 direct keys + 27 numeric keypads

Display: BC 4000L: Alphanumeric 2-line LCD screen with advertising message

Memory: 3,000 programmable PLUs (STANDAR) 6,000 programmable items with memory expansion

Label: Configure a label according to the customer’s needs

Printing: Printing speed suitable for product standardization

Dimensions: W410(X) 455(L) X475(H)

Connections:Ethernet TCP / IP

Weighing: 1 g with a 3 / 6kg double scale, 2g for 6/15g

Operating temperature: -10 °C ~ 40 °C

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