POS Printer: XPRINTER XP-200ii

The XP-200ii is an economic business model with USB, Serial and Ethernet connectivity. Is automatic paper cutting capability makes it even faster and that is why it is the most popular product in its class.


Speed 200mm/s

USB + Serial + Ethernet support

Automatic cutting of paper

Paper Size 80x80 (Max)

Weight 1.3 kg

Max Resolution 203dpi – 720dot/line

Column capacity: 512dots/ γραμμή

Supports: Windows XP/7/8/10/POS Ready. Linux

Possibility to print your logo.


The new small size Giant 100 thermal printer of SAM4S is here. Modernly designed, fast, efficient, quality, easy to use, compatible with all systems and commercial applications. It comes with a combo interface (ethernet-USB-serial) and in the range of accessories it has a transparent protective cover (protects the printer from liquids) and an inside kitchen bell so you never miss an order.



  • 30{%} smaller size
  • Speed 250mm / second
  • USB + Serial + Ethernet connectors
  • Automatic paper cutting
  • Paper dimensions 80 x 80 (Max)
  • Available in Black or White


Bar Code Printer: TOSHIBA B-EV4T


Type: Thermal

Use: Labels

Compatibility: PC (Windows)

Connectivity: RS-232C, Centronics, USB 2.0, LAN 10/100 Base, Ethernet, USB, Parallel, Serial


Printer Features:


Maximum Resolution: 300x300 DPI

Print Speed: Up to 101.6mm/s

Dimensions: 198 x 258 x 173 mm mm

Scanner: Zebex Z-3100 


It reads all 1D barcodes, with CE and ISO certificate.

1. Antiknock design: Withstand 1.5M drops
2. Error rate less than 1/5000000
3. Button lifetime reaches up to 50 million times
4. Easy and flexible automatic induction mode
5. Very comfortable feeling of operation
6. Support for RS232, PS2 and USB interfaces

Scanner: ZEBEX Z-6070

Zebex is a compact, flexible, and accurate barcode scanner. The Zebex Z-6070 is durable and reliable, making it ideal for a variety of retail applications such as kiosks, cellars, supermarkets, pharmacies and more.


  • Full auto scan function
  • Decode all standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS & RSS restricted tags & RSS
  • Depth of scanning field 25mm-280mm for linear code 0.33mm
  • Width of scanning field 30mm@ 25mm@, 150mm@280mm
  • Minimum scanning width of 0.127mm
  • Connections: RS 232, Light Pen Emulation, Keyboard Wedge, Stand Alone Keyboard,
  • IBM 468x / 469X, USB, Laser Emulation, OCIA
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