About us

PDS Electronics is a newly established company with huge dynamism, reliability focused on offering absolute customer service to its clients and solutions to existing or new companies related to cash equipment.

Our vision

What always inspired us was and is the evolution and various demands of the market and how a business can follow this development and always be one step ahead of it.

Therefore we provide excellent high-tech products, always part of the ideal solution suggested to any kind of business-shop having always in mind the after sale service in relation to software development, evolution and technical support.


PDS Electronics:

PDS Electronics provides business’ with cashier machines, cash systems, pos systems and wholesale & retails software. It supports all type of businesses ie: cafeterias, lounge bars, restaurants, fast foods, deliveries, supermarkets retail chain stores, hair saloons, kiosks etc.

Through our trained staff and our experience in the fields of IT, new technologies, automations, POS systems PDS electronics can offer your business multiple solutions to pricing through automated sales systems.

Based on our experience, businesses can benefit from valuable advice offer by us on VAT, correct billing and standard operating procedures so they can conduct their business cycle in optimal conditions.

Our next goal is to further upgrade customer support with new methods, new related products, optimization of business processes and full autonomy of the business across the spectrum!

ΣWe thank you for your lasting confidence. Be sure that we will continue to honor it because we love what we do!

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